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It’s no secret that globalization has transformed our world. Navigating our increasingly interconnected commercial and diplomatic relationships requires a truly global skill set. At IE University, we enhance our Law, International Affairs & Public Policy students’ academic experience with the hands-on training they need to make a positive impact on the international stage.

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At IE University, we believe that the future is global. The secret to succeeding in our interconnected world is the ability to combine in-depth technical skills with creativity, communication and critical thinking. This philosophy underpins all of our Law, International Affairs & Public Policy programs, which shape ambitious, well-rounded students who go on to make waves on a global scale.

Technology, innovation and the aftermath of the pandemic are reshaping policy and business. To succeed in this fast-paced dynamic environment requires an equally dynamic skill set. So, what are the global skills that all future legal and international relations professionals must possess?

Impeccable communication skills

Successful international affairs and legal professionals are effective communicators. This means they are able to craft compelling, concise and coherent arguments, whether in written or verbal form. Underpinning this communication is a meticulous approach, whereby professionals pay close attention to grammar, spelling and style. What’s more, strong communicators are able to present even the most complicated piece of information in a condensed, accurate and informative manner.

But that’s not all. Effective communicators understand that they must adapt their communication style to their audience, whether speaking to colleagues, government officials, or CEOs. This involves understanding the audience’s concerns and technical ability, and adapting your communication accordingly. Even the most complex piece of policy or legislation must be presented in a digestible and user-friendly format.

Strong negotiation and collaboration skills

Whether advocating for a client or an organization, strong international relations and legal professionals are able to defend their point of view and challenge the other side’s arguments. Appreciating the other side’s political or commercial objectives as well as their driving motivations is essential to finding commonalities and areas of agreement. At the same time, negotiators must maintain a firm grasp of their own hardlines and defend vital aspects of their own position. While some believe an adversarial stance is the best method, successful negotiators understand that collaboration is key to get a deal or policy across the finish line.

A strong grasp of technology

Technology and innovation have transformed global business and policy. Public and private sectors around the world are actively engaging with cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, big data and climate change as these concerns begin to take center stage. Coupled with this, digital transformation has become essential to better managing projects and policies. In the legal sector, legaltech has transformed the way law firms conduct their business, with new products and services facilitating the work of lawyers.

In this context, tech-savvy candidates stand out from the crowd when it comes to careers in global affairs and law. Possessing in-depth knowledge of the latest technological tools and trends empowers international affairs and legal professionals to better understand and respond to their organization and partner’s problems.

A multidisciplinary approach

Well-rounded global affairs and legal professionals have a deep understanding of a broad range of topics that go well beyond their own particular field. This enables them to quickly adapt to unfamiliar situations and problems, as they are able to draw on their wide knowledge base to find the best solution for a given context.

While each of our master’s programs equips students with a multidisciplinary perspective, we also offer a range of dual degrees for ambitious students who wish to pursue two fields of study at the same time. By studying two complementary disciplines at the same time, a dual degree at IE University offers the comprehensive and global skill set that’s so in-demand across organizations.

Cultural awareness

It is crucial for global professionals in any sector to develop cultural awareness. This is especially true for those working in international law or global affairs, who regularly need to collaborate effectively with colleagues and clients from a broad range of backgrounds.

Now more than ever organizations and teams require diversity of thought to comprehensively respond to our society’s evolving needs. Possessing an awareness of cultural nuances and others’ economic and social backgrounds empowers professionals to look at problems from different perspectives while encouraging them to question their own established ideas.

IE University has always recognized the value and richness of cultural diversity. Our student body is composed of students representing an array of personal and professional backgrounds who bring their unique insights and perspectives to the classroom. Our prime position in the lively capital city of Madrid allows students to interact with a huge range of partner organizations and industry experts—while enabling them to develop their Spanish skills!

What’s more, we encourage students to further expand their cultural horizons through international exchange programs. For example, IE Law School partners with 39 schools across the world to enable students to immerse themselves in a different culture and legal system. And the IE School of Global & Public Affairs, international relations students have the exciting opportunity to participate in a trip to Brussels to explore the hub of European policy and public-private interaction.

Now more than ever our changing international landscape requires dynamic individuals with the global skill set needed to seamlessly respond to new challenges and opportunities.

Whether you pursue a master’s program or a dual degree, our multidisciplinary Law, International Affairs & Public Policy programs encourage you to develop the technical knowledge, negotiation and communication skills you need to make a long-lasting impact in the public and private spheres.